Fashion Week Photography & Modeling Workshops

Professional musicians, dancers, emerging talent, and models update your headshot or get your portfolio started with these master photographers at our workshops. Get memorable headshots, Industry-standard press photos that showcase your natural talents and beauty ensuring that you stand out. Includes styling, hair & makeup

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Peter will be offering an individual Fashion Photo Shoot: 2 hour session

Peter Baratti, is an American fashion/beauty photographer located in Hollywood, California. He travels around the world for magazine editorials and commercial and fashion accounts. His list of clientele include many celebrities in the fashion, movies and music industries. Peter has been visiting the islands since early 2000, primarily working with FOCUS HAWAII INTERNATIONAL to produce the agency’s industry demanding photographs, therefore discovering great talent for the modeling and acting markets.

The beautiful islands of Hawaii have always been some of his favorite locations for their beauty and natural settings as well as the abundance of new talents to discover for the industry.


Peggy will be offering: Tribal Motion and Fantasy and Underwater Photography: 2 hour session

Peggy Ruelke is the artistic director of Photography for Focus Hawai‘i International Model and Talent Agency. Working with, and teaching models photo movement, portfolio development, hairstyling and make-up techniques; ultimately, giving the talent an edge in achieving their goals. Her unique vision and creativity express the beauty of the people who live in the Islands. Her goal is to give back by mentoring those interested in learning about this fascinating field.

Peggy’s skills are the culmination of years in the beauty industry at many levels. First as a young model herself and later through operating her own photography business, she has specialized in presenting models at their top advantage through the combination of her professional cosmetology skills, utilization of natural settings, and creative styling. As a Registered Nurse with certifications in laser and skincare, Peggy has developed an eye for the structure and beauty of the face.


Marcio Amaral will be offering a Fashion Photography Shoot: 2 hour session

Marcio Amaral is a renowned Brazilian photographer from Miami, Florida who specializes in fashion magazine photos, shooting some of the top fashion models in the world for Victoria’s Secret, Swim Suit Illustrated, Vogue and Elle magazines. When Marcio has a camera in his hand he knows no fear. Marcio creates clean pictures of fashion and upcoming talents models, using natural light, strong composition and powerful emotions. His specialties include high fashion, lifestyle, adventure and travel photography.


Swan will be offering Photo and Runway: 2 hour training session

Swan Elliott is the Owner and Agent for Focus International Hawaii Model & Talent Agency. With more than 40 years of experience in the industry she provides many clients with talent and models for photo shoots, TV, Film and Multi Media. In this workshop, participants learn how to walk like a model.

Females please bring 2 pairs of comfortable heels you can comfortably walk in.

Males prefer leather souled shoes are best not flip flops.  

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