Bryan Wesley

I am a passionate fitness trainer with over nine years of experience in group and personal training. I have coached a variety of people from new gym goers to elite athletes, and I specialized in demonstrating training techniques and a variety of functional training exercises. I strongly focus on breathing, water consumption, posture, and ways to customized and modify exercises for injuries and/or conditions.

When I was a Engineer at Ducommun AeroStrutures, I started off as a Intern. I’ve worked on the Apache Helicopter Rotor Blade Project, Boeing 777 Project, and the C-17 Spoilers Project as a Operation Inspector. I had to negotiate and consult with Boeing and Federal Auditors. I also served as a Supply Chain Specialist, consulting with the Product Supplier of the company. Lastly, I was a Project Engineer for the Engineering department before getting laid off in 2013. From there, I decided to put all my focus on learning how to be the best personal trainer, photographer, and videographer in Los Angeles.

I later worked at GAT Studios as a Studio Operator. I operated the studio’s film and photography department. Produced and shoot headshots, reels, trailers, audio voice overs, and music videos as the Director and Producer. My career objective is to supply higher quality work and experience in the film industry. My biggest goal is to learn how to create superior quality content for viewers.