I’ve used my music and platform to fight biotech firms like Monsanto and Syngenta in Hawai’i; to raise funding for services for those without homes; to protect crucial coastline like Kaiwi Coast, reef health through Reef Check, and to support land trusts across Hawai’i; I’ve worked with Surfrider, Sierra Club, KAHEA Environmental Alliance, fighting to mālama our islands; supported Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (I set a piano on fire in the desert and played it in this music video); traveled to Moscow to sing in a nuclear bunker to raise awareness around nuclear proliferation; rode the Shinkansen across Japan to interview hibakusha (survivors of the atomic bombings) in their 80s; donated my music to television campaigns in support of marriage equality for our LGBTQIA community in Hawai’i; fundraised for schools across pae ‘āina and brought musicians, poets and dancers into schools after arts funding was cut; advocated for the protection of Hawaiian monk seals and Mauna Kea; funded voter initiatives like Got Kuleana; served as spokeperson for mental health advocacy campaigns as well as Kaiser Permanente’s Suicide Prevention Program.

Lately I’ve been working with Facebook and Instagram to create music for people like you to sync for free to your own videos uploaded to those platforms. I’ve produced over 150 songs as part of their Creator Studio Sound Collection. My main focus- a dream of mine, on the verge of coming true- is the near-completion of an original musical I began composing nearly 15 years ago!