Lei Workshop

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Explore Hawaiian culture through the art of lei making with Master Lei makers.  Craft your own lei to wear at the runway.

Participants will learn two traditional methods of lei making using fresh flowers and greenery at this hands-on workshop. All necessary materials are included: one 12-inch lei needle, flowers, ferns, string/yarn, lei cordage, and raffia. This workshop is open to all. Perfect for beginners but hurry – space is limited!

Kapa Making Workshop

2024 Schedule
  • TBD
  • $90
  • 10 per session

Kapa making is a traditional Hawaiian fabric art used to produce clothing, bedding, robes, banners and funerary wrappings. In this workshop you learn about the traditional art of bark cloth making from kapa Artist and Kumu Page “Pūko‘a” Chang.

Connect to the earth and our culture while learning how to create beautiful, unique pieces of Hawaiʻi’s traditional fabric from the bark of the Wauke tree. This craft involves planting, harvesting, removing the outer bark from branches, pounding the fiber into cloth and designing and decorating the materials with symbolic prints.

In our workshop you will use traditional tools to process fresh Wauke and pound pre-fermented Mo‘omo‘o into your own piece of Kapa.

Materials are included and each participant leaves with a handmade piece of Mo‘omo‘o and a finished piece of Kapa.

Hoʻoponopono Workshop

  • TBD
  • $35
  • TBD

Come join Kanoa as he shares Ancient Hawaiian Wisdom, Knowledge, and Teachings in resolving conflicts… Hawaiian Style!

Kanoa is a Native Hawaiian Hoʻoponopono practitioner, specializing in Laʻau kahea E Hoʻomanamaiola – the sacred mana of truth and light.

You will learn:

  • How to identify that you have an issue/problem… and a process to move through that challenge, in a measurable way.
  • A foundation for healing self and others.
  • How to STOP feeling other people’s emotions.
  • How to change your emotional state from Negative to Positive.
  • How to Overcome ANXIETY: All types; Test, Sports, Public Speaking, Performance…
  • A Hoʻoponopono process to resolve conflicts with people, places, and things.
  • A Protection Protocol that DOESN’T require putting up walls.

Included in workshop:

  • Handout: To be accessed online; after course.
  • Online Hoʻoponopono Course: Can be completed at own pace and in the comfort of home.
  • Unlimited access MP3 file with Clearing Audio: Used after completion of Online course to assist in continued growth.
  • Kajabi App for easy access to Online course.
  • Phobia Clearing: To experience La’au kahea, time permitted… (time permitted includes after Workshop hours)
  • Aunty Morrnah Simeona’s Forgiveness Pule (Prayer) in English and ‘Olelo Hawai’i.
  • Blessing, to Open up spiritual Connection/Channels, as appropriate.

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