Peggy Ruelke

Peggy Ruelke is the artistic director of Photography for Focus Hawai‘i International Model and Talent Agency. Working with, and teaching models photo movement, portfolio development, hairstyling and make-up techniques; ultimately, giving the talent an edge in achieving their goals. Her unique vision and creativity express the beauty of the people who live in the Islands. Her goal is to give back by mentoring those interested in learning about this fascinating field.

Peggy’s skills are the culmination of years in the beauty industry at many levels. First as a young model herself and later through operating her own photography business, she has specialized in presenting models at their top advantage through the combination of her professional cosmetology skills, utilization of natural settings, and creative styling. As a Registered Nurse with certifications in laser and skincare, Peggy has developed an eye for the structure and beauty of the face.